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Performing Arts Program

The Hardy Center Performing Arts Program is designed to allow children to positively express themselves in dance, drama, and vocal arts.

Our dance program teaches children creative movement and promotes self-esteem, discipline, confidence, and teamwork as each new dance is learned and performed.

The drama program allows the children to express themselves through acting out, auditioning, and assigned parts in skits and plays-themed after stories learned in the camp’s Bible class and/or elements in certain songs coordinated with the dance program.

The vocal arts program allows children to learn songs with harmony to sing as a small group (choir) as well as solo parts. Pieces are coordinated with the drama and dance departments to present an overall performing arts program theme for the summer.

Children can “show off” their talents midway through the summer when we prepare a particular program for them to perform in front of staff, parents, and other children attending the camp.

The creative arts department contributes talents by helping create background scenery for our stage area.

The children who participate in the performing arts program develop character and spirituality and have a fun time working hard as a team to put together a program they are proud to take a personal part in.

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