Art Program


Sometimes the younger kids just want to color or create works of art out of cardboard or construction paper, so we always like to save room for them. We provide the supplies and our volunteers use their creativity to design "fun stuff" for the little ones to do.


Thus began our arts and crafts program. It has since evolved from simplistic displays of art work on the walls of the Center into other forms of creative exhibits such as meaningful art arrangements housed along the fences of the community garden, playground and computer lab.


The Hardy Center Arts and Crafts Program provides an avenue of visual arts creativity for our children. Much of the artwork they produce is tied into the stories they learn in their Bible study class. The kids are also directly involved with creating the props and the scenery needed for the drama and dance productions put on during the summer by the Performing Arts Program. 


Their artwork is on display during the summer in the Hardy Room for all to see. This encourages the kids & lets them know that their work is appreciated.