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Bible Study


The Hardy Center's approach to Bible study is to introduce children to Jesus Christ as their loving Creator, life giver, and sustainer in hopes that they will discover for themselves that He is available to them personally as a viable resource - immediately present to help them during their personal & academic times of need; Who accepts them for who they are and where they're at in life-extending His arm of love & forgiveness without prejudice.


We attempt to accomplish this by being Jesus to them - tangibly extending His love through a variety of methods, including daily personal interactions in all our program activities and the presentation of age-appropriate Bible story DVDs, as children seem to learn best visually.

Each Bible story DVD is narrated by a knowledgeable Bible instructor who identifies & ensures Bible accuracy and is available to answer questions as they arise.


Our Bible study classes meet once a week during our Summer Program, where the entire biblical story is presented to the children within ten weeks.

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