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Chess Club


The Hardy Center Chess Club teaches our kids the age-old game of chess, which has been used to develop critical thinking skills amongst its players for years. We’re dedicated to teaching children life skills through chess by presenting strategies used within the game as analogies to real-life situations.

Engaging young people in thinking through their problems are often complicated and a significant hurdle for any children’s ministry. Chess presents an exciting and potentially worthwhile system for subtly helping young people consider their options while still having fun.

For example, dealing with the problems encountered during a chess game can help kids when dealing with peer pressure. Kids learn how present choices have both immediate and long-term consequences. Considering these facts, kids learn that they must think before acting to avoid obvious pitfalls. We point out how the chess game requires similar strategies to solve the same problems they will no doubt face in their everyday lives.

A significant problem with young people is getting them to step back and distance themselves from the issue. When taken, this vital step allows them to use their intelligence to analyze problem situations and discover more positive options to solve those problems. Therefore, the Hardy Center Chess Club provides a positive model for young people to help them solve many of the everyday issues they face.






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