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Industrial Art Program



The Hardy Center Industrial Art Program was developed to help instill in our children practical knowledge and capabilities in household and automobile repair & maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, electricity & masonry, and sewing. Additionally, we introduce young people to the possibility of pursuing careers in the skilled trades industry.


One of the unfortunate consequences of the disintegration of inner-city families is that basic repair & maintenance skill sets are not passed down from father to son and mother to daughter as in generations past. We hope to help remedy this situation with a summer-long program to re-introduce these essential skills to our youth.


Children, ages 9-13, are selected to participate in a weekly hour-long class for ten weeks as part of our summer camp session. The program exposes kids to the use of tools and essential skills needed to help maintain their homes & other possessions through a combination of classroom learning, demonstrations, field trips to construction sites, and hands-on activities.


Children build & complete a variety of projects, such as making step stools, the book ends, shoe shine boxes, jewelry boxes, items of clothing, and more.


Ultimately, we want to create a new generation of parents who will pass these skills on to their children.


We need donations to help fund this project and volunteer help in teaching classes at our facility. If you would like to make a difference in the lives of these children by contributing either time or resources, please go to our “JOIN US” page for further information on how you can get involved.



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