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Summer of 2007  

The Hardy Center began its first summer children’s program:  

  • Program Director Stephen Garland and six senior church members spear-headed this project. 

  • Supported 23 neighborhood children by providing breakfast and lunch through the Children’s Hunger Alliance.  

  • Engaged children with playground games and moves.  

Summer of 2008  

The Hardy Center improved programing options available for families:  

  • Organized neighborhood carnival with live entertainment, health awareness information, food, games, and prizes.  

  • Served up to 150 children during the summer and expanded the program during the fall to provide 170 children with after-school snacks, dinner, and homework help.  


Summer of 2009 

The Hardy Center expanded its positive impact on the community: 

  • The summer program increased to 300 participating children.  

  • VISTA volunteers, the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, and Grace Apostolic Church supported program development. 


The gardening project began by converting an unusable 1500 square foot plot located across from the Hardy Center into a viable, productive green space. 

  • The entire space was redesigned and divided into individual plots to grow healthy fruits and vegetables. 

  • Through this project we guide young students as they work together to build food security in Columbus' urban communities.


The Hardy Center continues to support children in the community:

  • Children participation is now over 3,500 due to program offerings in community-based apartment complexes. 

  •  With the support of local and large organizations, The Hardy Center is able to address the needs of children living in the inner-city of Columbus. 


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