Evans Automotive

EVANS Automotive - maintains our fleet of vehicles and fabricated volleyball nets and tetherball poles for our playground.


KaBOOM - contributed the complete installation of a playground for our children

Livingston Seed Company

LIVINGSTON SEED Company - donated all the seeds for our gardening project

Mature Services, Inc. 

MATURE SERVICES, Inc. - has been tremendously helpful in providing retired citizen’s to work with our children’s programs.

Mid-Ohio Food Bank

MID-OHIO FOOD Bank - has helped provide meals for our after-school program and Saturday morning programs

Childrens Hunger Alliance

CHILDREN’S HUNGER Alliance - provides invaluable logistical and advisory assistance for all of our feeding programs

Ohio Association of 

Second Harvest Food Banks

Ohio Association of Second Harvest Food Bank’s - has provided summer VISTA volunteers


Bank of America Home Loans

BANK of AMERICA Home Loans - provided computers and monitors for our

Adamh Board

The ADAMH Board - provides substantial funding for our children’s programming involving drug and alcohol prevention.


Columbus City Schools

COLUMBUS CITY Schools - provides food for our summer program

Columbus Foundation

COLUMBUS Foundation - provided grant opportunities for our gardening project

Data Resolutions

DATA Resolutions - contributed  IT expertise, IT equipment, SONIC Wall System subscription, connection with their customers, who in turn donated over 300 computers, monitors, copiers & teaching materials as well as monetary support


DSW - provided an opportunity to educate our teenagers about business and future career avenues

Franklin Park Conservatory

FRANKLIN PARK Conservatory - has provided compost grant opportunities and expertise, which has made our gardening projects possible


ASPLUNDH - provides mulching

materials for our gardening projects


KROGER - provided baked goods daily for our children and their families


LOWE’S - provided materials in support of our gardening and Industrial Arts programs

Ohio Support Services

OHIO SUPPORT Services - contributes very generous financial support

Reynoldsburg Schools

REYNOLDSBURG Schools - for many years provided food for our summer program

Germain of Columbus

GERMAIN of Columbus - donated hundreds of computers & monitors

Germain Motor Co

GERMAIN Motor Co - donated hundreds of computers & monitors


ARBY’S Corporation - provided a day of unique educational experiences for our children, donated $5,000 to our efforts

Our Individual Partners

•Jerry Saul - provides IT services and computer education

•Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Williams - provided appliances for our families in need and generous financial contributions

•Monica Lowe - Contributed generous financial “seed” support.

•Cathy Tucker - provided generous financial support which aided in the start-up of our Uni-cycling program


State Farm

STATE FARM Insurance - donated computers and monitors for our data center