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What We Offer

The Hardy Center offers a wide variety of children's programs. Click the links below for more information.

After School

The Hardy Center After-School Program provides homework help, life skills, tutoring from retired teachers and college students in education programs, and nutritional meals to school-aged children in grades K through 8, operating from November through April during the school year.


Arts and Crafts

The Hardy Center's Arts and Crafts Program nurtures kids' creativity, showcasing their vibrant artwork in community exhibits, throughout The Hardy Center, and around our community garden. The program integrates art into Bible study and summer productions, fostering appreciation for the children's artistic efforts.



Our Unicycle Program, launched in 2009, has captured the interest of our kids aged 5-12. Staff-led instruction empowers them with an unusual skill, fostering pride and self-esteem. The team, constantly growing, prepares to showcase their talents at various venues, including recreation centers and city schools. As this group expands, so does the need for volunteers to support our trainers in this exciting initiative. Join us in making a difference!



We're part of the Ohio Department of Education's Summer Food Service Program, providing a 10-week summer program from 7:30 am to 2 pm, five days a week. Our offerings include reading instruction for K-3rd graders by certified teachers and college students, an anti-drug program, and social-emotional learning. The diverse classes and activities encompass reading, math, science, Bible study, and more.


Bible Study

Our Bible study approach introduces children to Jesus as their loving Creator and supporter, emphasizing His immediate presence in personal and academic challenges. We embody Jesus through daily interactions and age-appropriate Bible story videos, ensuring accuracy with knowledgeable instructors. Weekly classes in our Summer Program present the entire biblical story in just ten weeks.



The Hardy "HOPE" Garden, awarded the top community garden by the Columbus Dispatch, transforms unused space into a thriving community garden. Kids and parents use the square foot gardening method, harvesting various fruits and veggies to promote healthy eating. Future plans include a flower garden, encouraging a love for gardening and potential careers in agriculture. Join us in building food security and promoting urban agriculture in Columbus!


Chess Club

Chess Club teaches kids critical thinking and life skills through chess, using the game to address real-life situations. By engaging in strategic problem-solving, children learn to think before acting, making positive choices in everyday challenges.


Industrial Arts

We equip children with practical skills in repair, carpentry, and more. Aimed at addressing the decline in basic repair knowledge, the program introduces young people to potential careers in skilled trades. Children aged 9-13 participate in weekly hour-long classes during our summer camp, learning through classroom sessions, field trips, and hands-on activities.


Performing Arts

Participants dive into drama, dance, and music, working collaboratively to refine their skills. The highlight is the Summer Showcase, where talents shine in a dynamic performance, celebrating creativity and individual growth.



Fencing Program offers children a unique educational opportunity to learn the art of fencing. In partnership with the Ohio State University fencing team, kids gain physical fitness, self-esteem, and discipline through expert instruction. Selected students receive an introduction class, with potential advancement to OSU coaching for those showing interest and aptitude.


Lego Learning

The Hardy Center's LEGO™ Learning Program inspires children to think creatively by using LEGO™ blocks for themed projects addressing societal problems. Through interviews with professionals and visual presentations, kids not only build imaginative solutions but also learn to articulate the story behind each project.

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Martial Arts

Participants learn discipline, focus, and self-defense techniques through engaging training sessions. The highlight is the Summer Showcase, where they demonstrate their skills and values cultivated during the program.

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